Saturday, June 02, 2007

We need big memory for exon array analysis

In addition, the oligo package will require you to make a PDEnv
with the HuEx-l_OST-V2.cdf file, which I am unable to do on
a 64 bit Linux box with 8 Gb RAM (I think 16 Gb is sufficient).
via Re: Human exon array chip

Exonmap (Bioconductor package for exon array analysis)
requires big memory.

via Affy EXON Array: iterPLIER or RMA

It is based on the affy exon probeset mappings. It can run on
a machine with 4Gb of memory, but can easily use 8-12Gb depending
on what your trying to do. There are other probeset environments
available for this platform at Bioconductor (refseq, ensembl, etc.)
which are much more memory friendly.

via Re: Affymetrix exon arrays?

The oligo/makePlatformDesign packages can be used for the
exon arrays. However, you should know that these arrays are
incredibly huge, so unless you have a 64 bit OS and around
16 - 32 Gb RAM you won't be able to do anything with them.
via Re: Bioconductor package for Affymetrix Exon arrays.


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